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Yellow Door


Yellow Door offers specialist counselling to children/young people/families who have experienced domestic or sexual abuse. The service helps people to better manage the impact of the abuse improves; parenting skills/ family/ mental health/relationships/independence/education/work/keeping themselves safer – preventing further incidents of abuse.

Our goals:

  • Transform office space and existing rooms into a minimum of 3 welcoming and comfortable rooms for families, children and young people so the counsellors are better able to work with their clients to support better therapeutic outcomes.
  • To provide new furniture, including sofas, chairs and tables that will look clean and be comfortable so that the families feel valued and respected when they spend time in the rooms.
  • To provide a range of art materials/toys/games/books across the age ranges so the counsellors/ play therapist has a wider range of equipment to help support the therapeutic work particularity for clients who are not able to verbalise.
£5k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

The funding will help us create/decorate a minimum of 3 family rooms, enabling us to buy furniture and necessary materials such as arts/toys/games/books for our clients to use within the therapy. The rooms are also used by our advocates who work mainly with people who have a disability and the materials would greatly enhance the engagement/support.

Where the money will go

“I can’t thank each of you enough for all the work each of you has done with me over the years. When I first came to the centre for your help I was a really big mess and a lost cause. I never thought anyone could fix me, but then you guys surprised me and made me into the person I am today” Young person who accessed counselling/creative arts group.

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