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Woodlands Community Garden: Sensory area

(North Yorkshire)

We want to create an inspiring and beautiful sensory garden behind Woodlands Church. This would be a resource for the whole community to enjoy, including local families, church members, residents of Tate House (RNIB home), visually impaired adults from Foresight, and groups from the Fairfax Community Centre and the Surestart Centre.

Our goals:

  • Design, build and plant an inspiring sensory garden.
  • Improve existing pathways to provide good access for wheelchair users and the visually impaired.
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How we will achieve our goals

Design of a sensory garden: £500
Improvements to existing pathway to enable disabled access: £1000
Hard landscaping and seating: £2000
Plants: £1500
TOTAL= £5000

Where the money will go

The development of Woodlands Community Garden has the support of the church, local families and community groups. This year we are growing vegetables together, but we want to create an inspiring sensory garden with improved access for everyone to enjoy, especially older and visually impaired members of the community.

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17 April 2014
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