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Wirksworth Swimming Pool New Sand Filter


Wirksworth Swimming Pool recently celebrated its 30th birthday, however, the pool still has its original sand filter which is damaged and nearing failure. Replacing the sand filter will help the community owned facility to continue to provide swimming and other water-based activities for young people, people with disabilities and older people.

Our goals:

  • To replace the old, damaged sand filter and replace it with a modern, more appropriate deep bed filter recommended for use on commercial pools. The significantly increased depth of filter media will improve filtration efficiency.
  • To maintain the operation of the swimming pool by replacing the sand filter in a managed way, rather than awaiting failure to happen, so minimising the impact on loss of income and extra costs for emergency works and other associated failure costs.
  • By installing a more commercial sand filter, we aim to increase the bathing load capacity of the pool. This will allow us to increase the numbers of weekly lessons and other classes and so improve pool income without a detriment on water quality.
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How we will achieve our goals

Wirksworth Swimming Pool was rescued by the community from closure by the council. Now in its third year of charitable ownership, the pool is managing to be self-financing however is not yet able to generate a surplus to fully fund plant replacement such as the sand filter. Receipt of a Community Award would secure implementation of the project.

Where the money will go

Wirksworth Swimming Pool is a vital part of the community offering a welcoming, warm, shallow pool with wonderful employed staff who provide life skills to children, people with disabilities, non-swimmers, families and older people. Replacing the sand filter will remove a major threat to the future security of this cherished community facility.

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