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Our project is to benefit members of Peterborough Area Down’s syndrome group. The project would provide weekly drama sessions for six months, developing confidence, speaking and listening skills, movement but most of all enjoyment.

Our goals:

  • Developing the confidence of the young people in our group by giving the opportunity to join a mainstream drama school. Our young people love drama and dance and it is proven to improve confidence.
  • Developing skills such as balance, coordination, speaking and listening through drama and dance. Many of the members of the group need encouragement to participate in drama but would feel secure in a group of their peers.
  • To give our members the opportunity to meet together regularly in a safe environment where they can make mistakes without fear of feeling a failure.
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How we will achieve our goals

A Community Award would enable us to fund a drama specialist teacher and helpers in a local drama school thereby furthering integration of young people with Down’s syndrome into the community. Wildcats stage school would provide the venue and staff which would be aid for through such an award.

Where the money will go

People with Down’s syndrome welcome any opportunity to do the type of activities they see their siblings and others doing. The more opportunities they have to join in activities such as drama, the greater their confidence in integrating to the general community and this will lead to greater understanding of the condition in the wider community.

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