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West Kilbride Early Years Centre "Discovery Forest"


Our priority is to provide an outdoor classroom which would be of great benefit to the children in our care from ages 2-5 years. Development of this area would provide accessibility to safe and stimulating environment from an early age. This would allow the centre to provide a varied learning environment whilst promoting health and wellbeing.

Our goals:

  • Promote an active lifestyle. A great opportunity for active learning, problem solving, team work and coordinating body movements during physical play. Developing skills in confidently using small tools when planting and growing for sustainability.
  • Safe environment. Children will have the opportunity to risk assess outside the classroom. Developing an understanding of things that they should and should not touch/eat and how to keep themselves safe whilst outdoors within a safe, defined area.
  • Take learning outdoors. Our vision is to create an area for learning whilst incorporating a healthy lifestyle. Exploring nature by means of planting, bird houses, hedgehog hotels and toad pools. All children will have daily access to fresh air.
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How we will achieve our goals

Funding would allow financing of the cost of developing this area. It would also allow us to provide staff training to maximise the outdoor experience for children and staff. Perimetry fencing would provide a safe environment for children to play and explore. Outdoor equipment including a story area would allow us to provide an outdoor classroom.

Where the money will go

Our aim is to provide the most varied and stimulating environment possible. This will equip the children with the skills and confidence to develop in their transition to primary education at our affiliated school. Development of our forest area will maximise the learning experience that we can provide for all children in our care in a unique area.

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2 November 2016
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