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Walton Parish Nursing


Horse-riding days out for a physically disabled group of working age persons, who have felt themselves to have been socially isolated. This group are called ‘Fizzability’, and are patronized by the charity Walton Parish Nursing, which provides physical and mental health support in the local community.

Our goals:

  • To bring enjoyment, satisfaction, and inclusion to the less able bodied, by providing an experience which would otherwise be difficult to achieve.
  • Dependent upon the success of the project; to open up new ideas for activities and interests for the disabled.
  • To publicize the good work of Walton Parish Nursing, in order to attract further volunteers, and fund professional workers, and any future projects.
£5k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

By the use of specialist companies, and equipment, which would otherwise be financially beyond reach.

Where the money will go

Immediate benefit to a small group of disabled persons. Greater benefit, as more people become aware of the wider range of health [ mental and physical ] services offered by Walton Parish Nursing.

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