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WAGS - Gardening for children


Westfield Allotment & Garden Society (WAGS) is a self managing and self funding allotment society with approximately 32 main plots and 15 raised beds for disabled or less active adults and children. All of these are taken and we wish to make another 6 beds solely for the use of local school children and groups such as scouts & cubs.

Our goals:

  • We wish to encourage children of all ages to grow their own vegetables, fruit and flowers, to give them the skills, through interacting with experienced plot holders, they will need in the future - these children are our future gardeners and farmers.
  • We want to give children an awareness of where their food actually comes from - that it comes from the ground and not the supermarket! It would also give them the opportunity to learn to work together to get the results they want to achieve.
  • We want to encourage children to eat more healthily and realise that growing their own food and plants is much cheaper, more satisfying and far more fun!
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How we will achieve our goals

With an award of £5000, we would have the money to build the raised beds, fencing, landscaping, garden tools, wheelbarrows, plants and seeds. We have already constructed 3 smaller beds from our own funds and materials but have now had to come to a halt through lack of funding.

Where the money will go

The children/groups who take the raised beds will develop a love for gardening and hopefully continue to do so, whether they go on to full size allotments or develop their skills at home. This would have a knock on effect on future generations and would give all of the present experienced allotment holders a great sense of achievement.

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  1. Posted on November 14, 2016

    I wish to vote for Wags

  2. Posted on November 14, 2016

    Thank you. Please ask all friends and family to vote too ??

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