Turtle Opera


Turtle Opera is a drama and music project for 10-14yr olds with Autism Spectrum Disorders which benefits children with ASD and trains music students in working with this cohort. The project will be run in partnership with Autism Family Support Oxfordshire and students will come from the Music Faculty at Oxford University. It is a groundbreaking creative project aimed at this under-resourced group of children and families that will aim to change their own life experience and to alter the perceptions of others .

Our goals:

  • Provide a high quality creative initiative for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Oxfordshire and provide Autism Training for all involved - creating more understanding of the needs of this cohort in the community
  • Have a positive impact on the children involved, allowing them to build confidence, to work as a team and to experiment with friendships in a supported environment.
  • Provide links to the community for the university and train the next generation of community arts practitioners.
£25k project Currently ranked 1 in Health, Disability and Social Care

How we will achieve our goals

The Community Award would allow us to cover all of the staff , training, evaluation, appropriate venue and materials needed for the project. It would cement the relationships between the two charities, the university and the local community and provide a legacy for future collaborations.

Where the money will go

This particular project for 10-14yr olds will run over the course of a university term but the resources will allow us to ensure that there is a legacy to the work including a film and an evaluation that will allow other projects to happen both in this location and beyond. We know that the impact from the project spreads to local schools and other organisations and provides students with the skills to go and follow up on this work or to even pursue further study and a career in arts interventions with autistic young people.

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