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Trethomas Bluebirds AFC


We are a football club who have been in existence over 100 years. The league require us to have covered dugouts to remain in the league. The field is council owned but they tell us they cannot fund due to public spending cuts. Young players could be denied football without this provision. We operate in one of the most deprived areas in Wales.

Our goals:

  • To maintain The Gwent County Youth League for the youth of our village . There is no other football outlet for these boys.
  • Purchasing the materials to construct the Concrete bases , walls and roof of the dugouts. Secure doors to be fitted to prevent vandalism.
  • To construct the dugouts ready for League Games.
£10k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

The project should be funded by the council but local government cuts prevent this. We finance ourselves by players paying subscriptions and a weekly tote. The project could not be financed without Community Award.

Where the money will go

We are not the only users of the field as anyone can book field. The field is also used by the adjacent primary school for recreation and school sports. This Community Award will enhance this local amenity.

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4 September 2017

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4 September 2017

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  1. Posted on August 11, 2017

    Good luck. This is vital for our community.

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