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Transforming Milburn Road Garden


Community Award funding will transform the Milburn Road Garden into a vibrant and welcoming community space. This will allow its dual use; for running Social and Therapeutic Horticulture sessions to benefit people with specific health or well-being needs and to provide the local community with a garden to visit, enjoy and gain inspiration from.

Our goals:

  • Doing it ourselves: A combination of raw materials and pre-made products will allow the transformation to be carried out by members of the community. It will allow for measurable progress alongside a sense of achievement.
  • Creating all weather facilities: The poly tunnel and cold frames will provide a sheltered space for both people and plants meaning that social and therapeutic gardening can continue throughout the winter on-site and at the local community center.
  • Accessibility: Creating a site that meets the needs of all members of the community is important. The inclusion of a raised area where wheel chair users can be surrounded by garden is particularly important.
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How we will achieve our goals

Funding will allow focus on the needs of community members of all ages and abilities. It will provide areas for children to play and for young people to relax. It will allow the development of a safe and welcoming environment for disabled visitors as well as people with dementia. Sheltered areas will be important for healthy winter activities.

Where the money will go

Designing the garden with the whole community in mind will foster a sense of cohesion, ownership and pride. The completed garden will benefit; children though to older adults via educational and therapeutic gardening sessions; local residents, including children from local schools and clubs and; staff from partner organisations, focusing on health.

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