Tramper All Terrain Mobility Scooter for Nene Park Trust


Our visitors tell us that they love visiting our Park but it is sometimes challenging accessing all areas using standard mobility scooters. Providing a free to hire Tramper All Terrain Scooter will allow visitors will all levels of mobility to access our paths more safely and give them the freedom to explore and experience the Park independently.

Our goals:

  • To purchase specialist equipment in the form of a Tramper All Terrain Mobility Scooter and empower Park users with all levels of mobility to access more of the Park independently as well as with family, friends and carers.
  • To ensure the community know that the facilities are available free of charge by advertising widely in the local area and providing relevant information to local groups both in the Park and externally.
  • To provide relevant, accessible and easily visible interpretation and signage within the Park and to create easy to follow 'Tramper Trails' for users to access, should they wish to.
£10k project Currently ranked 1 in Health, Disability and Social Care

How we will achieve our goals

This award will provide the funds to enable us to purchase and market this specialist equipment, allow our trained staff to show users how to use it safely and enjoyably and to hire it out free of charge to Park visitors.

Where the money will go

We want to improve access and experience for all our our visitors and this project will offer less mobile visitors the chance to see more of the Park safely and enjoyably without the need to purchase their own expensive equipment.

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