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NEW! Riverside Primary School - Save our Swimming Pool!


To repair, refurbish and reinvent our school swimming pool. By fixing the swimming pool we would be able to offer swimming lessons to all of the children at the primary school as well as the preschoolers, an extremely important life skill especially in our village that sits on the river crouch.

Our goals:

  • Repair/replace pipe
  • Repair tiles and general area
  • Cover the pool
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How we will achieve our goals

We would be able to repair the gas pipe replace the broken tiles and cover the pool. The pool is in dire need of attention, but with the basics already there and some community spirit we really could achieve our goal of raising the funds to repair the pool and have our children and community swimming again!

Where the money will go

This project would mean that the children in our village school would have access to a much needed swimming pool. Our village is next to a river which all of our families enjoy however it would be much more beneficial if the environment could be enjoyed more safely. We would like other local groups to enjoy the pool aswell.

Latest updates

Where are we now.....

16 September 2016

The Summer term saw the children enjoy swimming lessons once again! Although the pool is still in it…

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Heating unit has been delivered!

20 February 2016
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