Supporting Carers in Sandwell

(West Midlands)

The project is a series of support activities for unpaid family carers in Sandwell. These activities will help deal with the stress of caring and will enable carers to continue to care. The project will allow carers ‘time off’, will help ‘recharge their batteries’ and receive support from other carers in similar caring situations.

Our goals:

  • It will enable carers to enjoy respite from their caring responsibilities, helping them to continue to care
  • It will help improve carers physical and mental health and wellbeing which often suffers as a result of caring
  • It will help carers receive emotional and social support from other carers in similar caring situations
£5k project Currently ranked 1 in Community Groups

How we will achieve our goals

The Community Award will be used to pay the costs associated with the programme of activities. It will ensure no carer is excluded on the grounds of financial ability. The costs reflect the total costs of the project.

Where the money will go

The project will benefit the community by improving the health and wellbeing of participants, improving relationships between the unpaid family carer, the looked after person and other family members. It will also save the NHS and local authorities valuable resources by reducing the incidence of carer breakdown.

Latest updates

Carers Support in action

20 July 2017

Groups of carers enjoying social and emotional support away from their caring duties

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