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Stand Up Reach Out


The Project is to fund a new social group, one which encourages all to use in the Community, working and sharing resources with other smaller community groups in the surrounding area. Stand Up Reach Out is a project where it is tackling social isolation, loneliness and with the vision of ‘One Community’ where we are all able to socalise.

Our goals:

  • The main objective is to bring the facilities up to date and to be able to provide a comfortable building where we can expand the activities for the social group. With updating essential utilities which include water supplies, lighting and electric.
  • The second objective being the needs of the social group, being able to reach out to those socially isolated, providing a community cafe facility, lunch clubs, repair of skittle alleys where groups can meet socially with an activity.
  • Reach out to a wider community through working closely with GP surgeries, health professionals, promote health and wellbeing in the community with sharing resources and working in partnership with outside agencies.
£25k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

The Community Award would enable us to completely refurbish the Community Centre and open our doors to a wider community, to be able to encourage children, elderley, youth with the ‘One Community’ vision. We could open a fully operational community cafe initially where those who are socially isolated can meet and make new friends.

Where the money will go

Longwell Green Community Centre is held upon trust to further the health and advance education through training, recreation, social development to benefit the inhabitants of its community. The project will ensure we can continue in our pledge for the benefit of the ‘One Community’ vision.

Latest updates

Our Social Group

11 August 2017

A picture of myself & Alison at the first Stand Up Reach Out gathering.

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Our Social Group

11 August 2017

A picture of myself & Alison at the first Stand Up Reach Out gathering.

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  1. Posted on August 9, 2017

    Good luck

  2. Posted on August 10, 2017

    Thank you for your greatly valued support ??

  3. Posted on August 11, 2017

    A big thank you for everyone that has voted for our project. Please share and encourage others to support us too. Share, share, share ?

  4. Posted on August 14, 2017

    Good luck. Amazing what you did for that couple. You deserve to win

  5. Posted on August 14, 2017

    Thank you all for supporting us at Longwell Green Community Centre. Your votes will mean so much to us and the social group, being able to provide a social environment where so many
    feel isolated and vulnerable. Talking, sharing, engaging with others means a life line to many in the community. Today unfortunately our cookers ceased working at the Centre, we require so many essential items for us to function, with providing hot lunches for the elderly, afternoon tea, tea and coffee for our support groups. Our community needs you to help us to update our old and existing essentials in the building, please share and vote. Longwell Green has a massive heart and is one community with one vision.

  6. Posted on August 14, 2017

    Bristol Post

    Please keep voting for us !

    Centre Manager

  7. Posted on August 15, 2017

    I spent my 67 years living in the area. I have seen this sleepy little village expanding to almost a mini town. Of course change comes with benifits for some but disadvantage, handicap and isolation for many of the older generations . As you know housing turnover is frequent, so often you don’t even get to know the neighbours. The older population often find themselves social isolated, very lonely, feeling unimportant and bewildered.

    The government and councils aren’t going to change this. It is down to us as a Community Centre to address these issues, we feel compelled to try and change this.

    I am proud to be a member of the community centre and act within the new Social Group that we are trying to grow. There is nothing else like this in our locality

    Since Alison, became centre manager only a short time ago, she has breathed new life into a failing comunuty centre. Alison is very ambitious and has great vision, together with her small team she is going to win over our community. She has the drive to do this, but it needs the money from the OneFamily Foundation to achieve her aims.

    The Social Group is at the very centre of her thoughts. To see the looks in the faces of our group members brings warmth to the heart.

    Please give us your continued support in any way possible.
    Vote for our project and share with your family and friends.
    Come along to our cafe and see for yourself what’s been done and needs to be done.

    Best wishes to all, keep voting and sharing.

    Steve Lucas

  8. Posted on August 15, 2017

    Thank you Steve for those lovely inspiring words. I am totally committed to drive the community centre into the future for the benefit of the community. I can only speak from my heart and to visually see the changes and improvements we have made and the many compliments we have received only drives me to continue. Keep voting please, this will mean so much to us in Longwell Green, a growing and thriving future of One Community. A big thank you to those who have already voted, but keep spreading the word as we need more votes !

  9. Posted on August 15, 2017

    As a member of the small team involved in the community centre management and day to day running of the centre, the drive and determination the Centre Manager, Alison Jordan has installed with her drive and passion to give the community centre its very soul back and make it the hub of the community its a pleasure each day to come to work as we are meeting new people within the groups that us the centre and they are all starting to notice the new positive vibe around building with what we are starting to call the longwell family starting to support all are going events. With Alison’s help in the past months we help a family to become one with the family getting married at the centre which the local community getting involved in thanks to Alison plea for Jason who has cancer and with this support we saw a change in the centre .

  10. Posted on August 18, 2017

    longwell green still need your votes and support and after another lovely day with are stand up reach out social group it shows why myself and Alison strive to make the community centre the hub it should be with all are groups and happy faces and watching new faces join the centre so come on longwell green family get involved x

  11. Posted on August 19, 2017

    This project needs you.

  12. Posted on August 21, 2017

    Good Afternoon Longwell Green !
    Hope you all had a good weekend.
    We are currently posting our Community Award flyers in Longwell Green today, please keep those votes coming in. We stand a good chance of winning this award, and I cant express how much £25,000 will mean to us here at the Community Centre. The money could go towards making this YOUR Community Centre. Longwell Green Family keep sharing and voting please ?

  13. Posted on August 23, 2017

    best of luck hope all goes well

  14. Posted on August 30, 2017

    Good luck in the vote! I live in Longwell Green and having spent the last 7 years as Treasurer of the PTA for Longwell Green Primary School, I can only endorse Steve’s view about how important the Community Centre is to the local area. Any financial help the centre can receive would be greatly appreciated to help Alison and her staff achieve the vision she has so please support this worthy nomination and help provide Longwell Green with a Community centre it can be proud of!

  15. Posted on August 31, 2017

    From Ruth & Dot

    – “Stand Up, Reach Out gives us somewhere to go every week where I have the company of my peers. It means we get out of the house and meet and chat to people. It ticks all the boxes for us!”
    – “We heard about it by word of mouth – people are talking about how good it is. It runs during the summer holidays, one of the very few clubs that does. We have found it to be a godsend. Everyone chats and is very friendly, the activities are suitable for our age group and it is good to meet new people.”
    – “There are not many places where you would hear this much noise from a group chatting – we would otherwise be at home watching TV – and here we have good cake and biscuits too”
    (Ruth and Dot)

    Edome & Mary
    – “Coming to Stand Up, Reach Out gives me somewhere to go on a Thursday and something to look forward to. We enjoy the company and being somewhere other than our own house – a different four walls.”
    – “It can be a very long day at home on your own if you don’t go anywhere – and it gives my husband a break from me!’
    – We have both ended up chatting to everyone even though we didn’t know anyone before”.
    (Edome and Mary)

    Silvie, Marina & Joyce all say “ we are very well looked after, we just love coming to Stand Up, Reach Out”.

  16. Posted on September 5, 2017

    As someone born and brought up in Longwell Green and saw the present building being
    built i am sure it will under good management return to a full and rewarding centre where
    groups and families can once again enjoy the club and its new team

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