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The Project is to fund a new social group, one which encourages all to use in the Community, working and sharing resources with other smaller community groups in the surrounding area. Stand Up Reach Out is a project where it is tackling social isolation, loneliness and with the vision of ‘One Community’ where we are all able to socalise.

Our goals:

  • The main objective is to bring the facilities up to date and to be able to provide a comfortable building where we can expand the activities for the social group. With updating essential utilities which include water supplies, lighting and electric.
  • The second objective being the needs of the social group, being able to reach out to those socially isolated, providing a community cafe facility, lunch clubs, repair of skittle alleys where groups can meet socially with an activity.
  • Reach out to a wider community through working closely with GP surgeries, health professionals, promote health and wellbeing in the community with sharing resources and working in partnership with outside agencies.
£25k project Currently ranked 1 in Community Groups

How we will achieve our goals

The Community Award would enable us to completely refurbish the Community Centre and open our doors to a wider community, to be able to encourage children, elderley, youth with the ‘One Community’ vision. We could open a fully operational community cafe initially where those who are socially isolated can meet and make new friends.

Where the money will go

Longwell Green Community Centre is held upon trust to further the health and advance education through training, recreation, social development to benefit the inhabitants of its community. The project will ensure we can continue in our pledge for the benefit of the ‘One Community’ vision.

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