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Stand up Paddleboard Yoga for Adults & Children with Autism


St Helens Canoe club has been established for 4 years. This year we won Merseyside club of the year. We have coaching staff and children with a diagnosis of Autism who combine their interest in kayaking with yoga as a form of dealing with anxiety, exercise and socialisation. We hope to offer Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga to the local community.

Our goals:

  • To purchase the SUP's - our staff are already qualified, we simply need the tools to share this fantastic experience with a wider audience. We have a picturesque environment to truly allow our paddlers to connect with their bodies and nature.
  • To purchase a hoist - we are working closely with a high school in the community, taking children with varying educational needs and disabilities kayaking. To enable some of these students to continue with the sport, we need to buy a mobile hoist.
  • To provide a much needed service in the community - we understand the stress and feelings of isolation experienced by adults and children in the community who receive a diagnosis but lack support afterwards. Community ASD support groups are limited.
£10k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

The fund would allow us to purchase equipment and put our teams life and professional experience to full use.

Where the money will go

It would allow us to welcome members of the community with physical disabilities as the hoist will provide access to the water and boats. The hoist we are using at present is borrowed from the high school. Provide a fun activity for families affected by Autsim to enjoy together or a moment of self reflection for those struggling with the condition.

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