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Stamford Bridge Community Pool

(North/South Humberside)

We need to replace our oil tank and bund at our ageing community-run swimming pool. The tank is essential to the heating and running of the pool, it is very old and we are worried that we may have an oil leak.

Our goals:

  • To maintain the heating system of the swimming pool and keep the pool open.
  • To prevent an oil leak and thus an environmental problem.
  • To keep the pool open so that it can provide swimming lessons for every primary school child in Stamford Bridge as well as other members of the community.
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How we will achieve our goals

We have had a quote of £2,666 to replace the tank and the bund. we are seeking two other quotes. The tank and bund need to be done before we continue other essential renovation work. We are in the process of trying to find funding to complete our redevelopment plans for this community run pool but this must be done first. The quote is as follows:
Envirostore 2500 EHB £1,104.00
Paver 900mm x 600mm £86.40
Viroc particleboard (2400 x1200 x 6mm £132.00
Sharp sand 25kg bag £85.50
Cement 25kg bag £45.00
10mm copper pipe, plastic coated £13.50
Oil tank installation 2 days £1,200.00
Total £2,666.40

Where the money will go

The pool is very important to the village. We had a pupil from the village school who drowned in the river some years ago which made us determined to provide a pool so that every child in Stamford Bridge would learn to swim. If we cannot replace the oil tank we shall not be able to heat the pool and temporarily stop the pool from opening.

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