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St Edwards Sensory Room

(Greater Manchester)

My daughter has a terminal illness and attends a mainstream school, St. Edwards RC Primary School.

She loves the school and everybody there loves Ruby and she is included in everything.

However, they are looking to build a Sensory Room for the school which can be utilised not just by Ruby but by all children.

Our goals:

  • Create a peaceful relaxing area for all children
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How we will achieve our goals

£5000 would enable us to buy the basic equipment we need to get the room complete and operating.

Acrylic Mirror Panel x 2 = 358.00
Podium For One Bubble Column = 259.00
1.75m Interactive Bubble Column = 527.25
Wireless Receiver = 69.00
Controller Cube = 249.00
Bubble Column Security Corner Bracket = 39.50
Shelf = 22.45
SNAP Projector = 334.40
2m, 100 Tail Fibre Optics with Light Source = 334.40
Mirror Tiles x 12 = 207.96
Fibre Optic Ceiling Kit x 2 = 698.00
Fibre Optic Carpet (90x100cm) with Light Source = 359.10
Green Abstractivity = 189.00
Red Abstractivity = 189.00
Silver Abstractivity = 189.00
UV Fluorescent Strip Light = 115.95
UV Carpet -Space Maze (per sq m) x 9 = 405.00
Mains Operated Mirror Ball = 59.50
LED Colour Pinspot = 77.90
Aroma Fan and Lights Reward = 335.00

TOTAL = £5018.41

We have an electrician who has volunteered his services to install the equipment for us.

Where the money will go

The school community would have a quiet area alongside Ruby having somewhere to go when her seizures become over bearing.

Latest updates

Sensory room completed

11 September 2014
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Sensory room complete

8 April 2014
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