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Sparkles Supporting Children with Down's Syndrome


Sparkles is a parent led charity supporting preschool children with Down Syndrome. We offer physiotherapy to complement the NHS offer. The funding will secure one year of bespoke physiotherapy for 30 preschool children to enhance their physical development and facilitate independence, to enable smoother transition into full time education.

Our goals:

  • To ensure that the current levels of specialist physiotherapy, tailored for children with Down’s Syndrome, can be maintained, supported and developed for the next academic year, with our current specialist paediatric physiotherapist.
  • To provide rigorous ongoing assessment from our specialist physiotherapist of each child’s progress and potential. It will give parents the advice and tools (eg exercises) to help develop the children, particularly their gross motor skills.
  • To implement individualised plans of physiotherapy activities and targets to ensure that mobility does not adversely affect transition into full-time education. Also providing ongoing support once walking to help with this transition.
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How we will achieve our goals

It will fund individual sessions with a private physio. Each session will focus on the specific needs of each child eg learning to roll, crawl, pull up, stand, cruise and walk or skills for everyday life, such as stepping off a kerb, climbing stairs and transferring weight to kick a ball. Non walkers have half termly appointment and walkers termly

Where the money will go

By early intervention, strengthening core muscles and greater mobility gives our children the opportunity to play a role in the community. To have the potential to lesson the physical and financial strain on social/disability services in the county. It will instil and increase a can-do attitude in our children to fully play their role in society.

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  1. Posted on August 9, 2017

    My daughter attends sparkles and they are amazing daisie is speaking so much more and loves her sessions without sparkles i truly belurve daisie wouldnt be at the stage she is they truly do wonderful work with the children and offer us oarents lots of support x

  2. Posted on August 23, 2017

    Please support Sparkles

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