Southampton Sunday Lunch Project


In Southampton, as with most places, there are people that are genuinely homeless and need help. There are also many people in desperate need of good food and the opportunity to socialise with others. This project will provide a hot three course Sunday lunch free of charge to approximately one hundred adults every Sunday for one year.

Our goals:

  • This Project has approximately 100 volunteers that work in Teams to provide a great Sunday lunch - free of charge - at two Southampton locations, to people in great need of support. The Award would allow the Volunteers to provide these lunches for one year.
  • The award will allow a Project that has been operating for 27 years to survive. The Project depends of getting funding from individuals, organisations, etc. but this funding has reduced to a level that threatens the continuity of the Project
  • Provide a Sunday lunch that will be the best food the adults receive each week. Allow the Volunteers to provide a warm welcoming environment to adults that feel 'outside' everyday society and provide an atmosphere where these adults can socialise.
£10k project Currently ranked 1 in Health, Disability and Social Care

How we will achieve our goals

The Award would finance the Project for one year which would result in providing over 5000 meals, plus take away food, to local people of Southampton who are in great need.

Where the money will go

Southampton community includes people that are homeless, disadvantaged through, mental health, disabilities, poverty, poor housing, loneliness, etc. Many of these adults remain quiet about their situation and feel outside social care and the community. This Project embraces, welcomes and provides a great lunch every Sunday to these adults.

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