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Southampton Opportunity Group


We provide structured play sessions for children aged 0 – 5 with additional needs. In doing so we hope to improve their development and help them achieve their full potential. This also provides the family with much needed respite from their caring responsibilities and gives a neutral ground for them to meet other parents and health professionals.

Our goals:

  • Our main objective is to ensure that the child reaches their full potential through structured and individualised play. These sessions are planned and executed by the Lead Practitioner and she will also be responsible for Safeguarding and First Aid.
  • We aim to work in partnership with Professionals to provide families with the appropriate support and advice for continuing development programs iin the home e.g. learning Makaton and giving tips for effective toilet training.
  • Another objective we have is to reduce isolation in the community experienced by the families using our service. This is so often the case as they feel that they are the only person going through what they are experiencing.
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How we will achieve our goals

In order to operate, our group requires a Lead Practitioner. They are a fully qualified Level 3 Child care professional who is responsible for the other members of staff and the volunteers as well as being the nominated person for Ofsted and other official bodies. The Lead Practitioner is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Where the money will go

We work closely with two universities – one taking work experience students on a media course and with the hospital we have allow training doctors to visit the group so they can gain experience working with additional needs children. We address social inclusion problems, allowing families to make friends with others in the same position.

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  1. Posted on August 9, 2017

    Good luck, you deserve it x

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