Smart screens for Bilton Grange Primary School

(North Yorkshire)

Our project aims to provide smartscreens in 8 out of 11 classrooms. They will replace our old and worn out overhead projector whiteboards that are now no longer in production and cannot be replaced. The smartscreens are an amazing new resource that will provide our children with a 21st Century education and our teachers with the means to teach it.

Our goals:

  • Replace 8 projector whiteboards with new smart boards. This will include removal of the old projectors and complete installation of new smartboards in eight classrooms, including Oktopus software.
  • Train teachers to use the smart boards. Within each cost is a complete training package to unlock the smart board's potential. Smart board trainers will deliver training in school and provide a helpline to offer ongoing support for teachers.
  • Develop practical application in the classroom and empower children to use it. Once teachers have been trained, we will train support staff and children to use the smartboards effectively.
£25k project Currently ranked 1 in Lifelong Learning

How we will achieve our goals

We will remove 8 of our old projector whiteboards and replace them with new smartboards at a cost of £24,864. This will include full installation and a complete training package to ensure all teachers can unlock the smartboards’ potential and deliver a 21st Century Curriculum. Children will wide and ranging opportunities to use them.

Where the money will go

By enabling teachers to develop interactive technology; advance knowledge/understanding and cultivate new skills. By harnessing the power of the internet; the use of direct media and the creative software within each smartboard, it will allow pupils of all abilities to interact and learn using resources that will help them prepare for their future.

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