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SMAE - Helping the Community to Connect


SMAE wishes to provide free IT education sessions for older community members who maybe IT-anxious or have difficulty accessing IT due to language or access limitations. We propose bite-sized sessions on computers, tablets and smart-phones, covering topics from basic IT onwards. Funding will help us to develop, resource, equip and deliver sessions.

Our goals:

  • To deliver a series of bite-sized IT sessions designed for older users, with topics ranging from intro to technology and the internet, effective online navigation, social media usage, data protection, on-line safety, accessing health/social services.
  • In order to overcome any fear or trepidation older people may have of tackling the seemingly impenetrable world of technology, we aim to create a welcoming, non-threatening, supportive learning atmosphere to deliver specifically designed IT tuition.
  • We aim to develop and deliver a programme of specialised IT tuition that is sustainable. Once designed and delivered initially, sessions can be re-run as required with our organisation providing support, volunteers and help in kind to sustain them.
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How we will achieve our goals

The award would enable SMAE to equip an area of a community centre with equipment, materials and facilities to hold the proposed sessions and make available suitably adapted IT facilities to provide access to IT and internet services to the target group, at no cost to the user. Initial investment will allow repeated courses to benefit more people.

Where the money will go

A large portion of the community is disadvantaged in their access and ability to use technology; with a large concentration in the elderly (poorly) strata of the community. As increasingly large amounts of health/social care services and materials are accessed via the internet, this group is doubly disadvantaged. We wish to address this inequality.

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