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Show on the Road


This project aims to deliver outreach creative educational learning to 7 schools on Mull & Iona, and one in Kilchoan. The programme will take dance and drama workshops to around 350 children, who are not otherwise be able to access our already established programmes. We will provide follow up lesson plans for teachers to encourage arts development.

Our goals:

  • To give 'tasters' of the performing arts to approximately 350 children, including dance, drama and music collaboration. We aim to encourage creativity by helping children to develop their own artistic ideas, and work together to present them.
  • Due to rural geographic barriers these are children who cannot easily access our already established creative workshops. This is an outreach programme which aims to directly combat this issue.
  • Encourage sustainable learning by providing follow up lesson plans and teacher training. This means schools will have the skills to continue arts development. We aim to maintain strong creative links.
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How we will achieve our goals

We already deliver an established programme of high standard dance and drama workshops at Comar. However, we require funds to reach the geographicically disadvantaged audience indicitive of Mull, Argyll and the Highlands.

Where the money will go

There are many children in our community who do not curently have access to creative learning. Furthermore community collaboration is crucial in a rural environment. This project will enable primary children from multiple schools to develop their creative learning together. This is a community arts project.

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  1. Posted on August 27, 2017

    Brilliant idea

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