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Sensory Garden for All @ DAT Belfast


At the Donkey Assisted Therapy Centre Belfast, rescued donkeys are used to provide riding, carting and interaction therapy for children with additional needs and disabilities. The Parents and Friends Association wants to build a sensory garden, which will be accessible by everyone and greatly complement existing facilities on site.

Our goals:

  • To encourage the physical, social and emotional development of children and others with additional needs by providing a range of sensory experiences and activities in an outdoor environment.
  • To enhance the existing facilities at the Donkey Assisted Therapy Centre by utilising and developing a piece of land that is currently not being used to full effect.
  • To create an exciting and stimulating environment which will be accessible to everyone, children and young adults with disabilities, their families, elderly people and the wider public who visit the centre.
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How we will achieve our goals

The overall budget for the Sensory Garden is around £30000 and we are busy fundraising towards that target. We already have a significant amount pledged from the ASDA Foundation and have some success with smaller local trusts. We also carry out fundraising events on an on-going basis.
We are asking the Engage Mutual Foundation to fund a gazebo costing in the region of £5000. This is a wooden and weather-proof structure with accessible seating. It will mean that the Sensory Garden can be an all year round facility and the children can still be outside even if our usual weather conditions prevail! It will be a comfortable haven, sheltered yet open to the outdoors. It will accommodate individual children needing their own space or can be used by families. It can also be used by small groups of children from special schools with their teachers for educational purposes. This will be a focal point within the garden and an essential component of the overall design and layout.

Where the money will go

This funding will help us achieve our aim of developing a wonderful new Sensory Garden facility at the Donkey Assisted Therapy Centre Belfast. It will make a huge difference to the children and families who attend by providing a range of sensory activities in a unique, safe and stimulating outdoor environment.

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