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Farnborough Fins Save Our Swimming Pool


This pool is used for swimming lessons providing lifesaving skills to schools, disability groups and children in the local community. The pool building desperately needs replacing. Farnborough Fins has raised £80,000 for the building which will start in July 14. A grant is required to finish the project by completing the flooring inside the pool.

Our goals:

  • Replace the building over the swimming pool to prevent pool from closure. Farnborough Fins Swimming Club (FFSC) can then continue to provide lifesaving skills to children,local community groups & schools who benefit from this valuable community asset
  • Replacement of existing floor with a rubberised surface which is safe for children and adults and aids disabled access.
  • Replacement of the building would also encompass adaptations which would aid disabled access to the pool - a hoist can be installed so that children and adults with more severe disabilities can enjoy this facility.
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How we will achieve our goals

The total cost to replace the building over the pool is £100,000. FFSC has raised £80,000 which covers the cost of ground works, pipe work replacement and new swimming pool building with a £5,000 contingency fund for the building works.

A grant of £25,000 would allow completion of the project, due to start July 2014. The grant money is required to complete the project, specifically for a disabled hoist and rubberised safety flooring surrounding the pool and in the changing rooms.

The proposed flooring is easy to clean/maintain, hygienic and most importantly safe reducing risk of injury from slips/trips for all users. A hoist would allow use of the pool by children and adults with more severe disabilities and easy access to the pool would be ensured with the new flooring. The cost for the fitting and laying of the Sundeck rubberised matting and for the disabled hoist is £25,000.

Without the grant we will tragically be unable to complete the project.

Where the money will go

Over 1000 children & adults use the pool to swim each week. Local clubs, 6 schools & 2 disability groups enjoy free use of the pool. In a densely populated area, surrounded by rivers and lakes it is essential that lifesaving swimming skills are taught to all. Swimming pools in the area are oversubscribed as many local school pools have closed.

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