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RR Community Womens Centre - a localised accessible sporting hub


The North West has high rates of obesity, heart disease and Diabetes. Red Rose will refurbish a once derelict garage for safe haven for local women, providing a safe space for  women to get together and exercise in a clean, monitored, non-competitive environment.

Our goals:

  • Women's only toilets, changing rooms and lockers and disabled accessibility where applicable. A safe place to relax, unwind and build confidence.
  • The front of house, exterior will be painted and decorated with outside lighting, posters and signage added to make it welcoming for females, either in groups or alone.
  • To show that exercise is beneficial for women. Exercise unquestionably brings health benefits, including decreased risk of death from heart disease as well as from all other causes.
£10k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

The project will resonate through the family and into the wider community. Helping to build a woman’s self worth, her confidence and belief system with support from others. The advantages extend beyond the physical to better mental health as well; better concentration, higher self-esteem, better moods, with less tension, anger and depression.

Where the money will go

The Award will help bring positive changes for women into the area; to give them more power and control in their lives, via class attendance, gym usage, shared-decision making and self-care – a greater sense of autonomy and responsibility. The women can act together, harnessing their power and influence of the group whilst building mutual trust.

Latest updates

Boxercise for women already taking place at the gym, also Spin on MOnday evenings, 6-7pm

14 August 2017

The Women's hub is work in progress, we already have many local ladies coming to the gym and ho…

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  1. Posted on August 11, 2017

    Please vote for RR Women’s Sports Hub in Morecambe.

  2. Posted on August 22, 2017

    Best thing to happen for kids since Planet City, so proud of what you have achieved already Thomas and excited to see you continue to grow and grow xxxxxxxxx

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