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Ripon Walled Garden Sensory Garden

(North Yorkshire)

A sensory garden will enable ALL our over 4,000 annual visitors to enhance their experience, learning & health. Our members with learning difficulties will benefit through involvement in creating the garden. Our garden nursery & historic site is open to the public & is increasing in facilities as an inclusive visitor attraction & community resource

Our goals:

  • Learning & stimulation for all, through sensory exploration of the outdoors. An accessible resource in a safe environment for families & people with disabilities to enjoy, learn & improve their health & wellbeing. A place of space, calm & tranquility
  • Increased community inclusion & integration. Ripon’s unique treasure, its Victorian kitchen garden as a place for all to enjoy, improving the attraction, supporting people with disabilities, volunteering, school & group visits & community involvement
  • Increasing & broadening the business outcomes. Developing the garden helps to build the learning, skills & confidence of our members with learning difficultie; they are part of a team delivering an improving experience for the visitors to our garden
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How we will achieve our goals

A Community Award would enable us to purchase the hard landscaping materials, products, sensory equipment & plants required to fufil our design. The design includes stimuli for all five senses along a snaking path, as well as safe exploration of additional stimuli such as balance, vibration, magnetism & temperature. We will carry out our own labour

Where the money will go

Our project provides a natural environment in which families including those with a disability feel welcome & accepted in a safe, relaxing, fully accessible garden with fun & stimulating things to do. Being delivered by people with a disability, gives confidence, through demonstrable achievement, in the opportunities for purposeful activity & work

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  1. Posted on July 5, 2016

    Voted and commented. Very worthwhile cause good luck

  2. Posted on July 9, 2016

    On Friday, seeing the garden visited by a number of children and young people with additional needs, it was clear what a special place the garden is and what a wonderful resource. It was also clear what a benefit a sensory garden will be. I do hope people get behind this project.

  3. Posted on July 10, 2016

    Great community project

  4. Posted on July 14, 2016

    Great project!

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