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Resonate is a not for profit community enterprise. Run by volunteers we provide arts, crafts, health and wellbeing activities and social events for our community. We have only one very out of date office computer to share which is hampering our ability to provide our service. We desperately need new computer equipment to improve what we do.

Our goals:

  • To enable our youth group to learn design skills. If we had computers and software at Resonate we would be able to run courses to teach the skills required to use them. Helping them build their self esteem and widening their future opportunities.
  • Improve communication. Our current computer systems are so out of date we have inadequate databases. We realise this is hampering our ability to communicate what is going on and also to listen to our community’s needs new computers would improve this.
  • To improve our volunteers experience. More computers would mean we could build a team of volunteers to help us with administration. This would mean they felt more valued being able to share their skills.
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How we will achieve our goals

We have calculated that purchasing the following list of computing equipment would allow us to meet the objectives above.

Laptop with Adobe illustrator and Photoshop £1680
3 Laptops for office use + MS Office and security £2700
External Hard Drive Back up £200

Total funds required: £4580

Where the money will go

I have been volunteering at Resonate for 2 years now and in that time I’ve come to realise that Resonate provides an inspiring and valued place for the community of Clackmannanshire. Improving our computing equipment would allow us to do even more for our community and be able to communicate with them in a much more effective way.

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