£5k project
Currently ranked 11 in Active Living
Currently ranked 11 in Active Living
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Voting closes: 6th September 2017

Refurbishment of Club Indoor Athletics Training Facility


We would like to renew the floor surface with non slip paint , provide some low level cost  efficient background heating, replace the lighting with energy efficient lights and repair the toilet roof and redecorate the toilets (outside the building.)   This will be used for meetings, competitions, training, fundraising and group social activities.

Our goals:

  • To improve facility for year round use - safer floor.
  • Introduce low level heating (there is currently no heating) and upgrade lighting.
  • Complete plumbing of small kitchenette. Re cover toilet (outside) roof and redecorate interior.

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Voting closes: 6th September 2017

£5k project Currently ranked 11 in Active Living

How we will achieve our goals

The project would be achieved when an application of non slip paint is applied to the floor,the lights are replaced and upgraded , the installation of low level cost effective heating within the main building and the repair to the roof and redecoration of the toilet outside the building.

Where the money will go

The completion of the project would greatly benefit the club members and other users of the facility by the provision of a safer surface for a variety of athletics events and other activities. The provision of some background heating would give active athletes a better temperature to train in and very importantly would make it better for parents, family members and adults who accompany the youngsters (travelling in up to twenty five miles ) who support, supervise and assist activities. The improvement in the lighting, the introduction of low level heating and the toilet roof repair and internal redecoration would greatly enhance the overall facility for all users. We believe it would extend the range of uses for the club and increase the use of the facility by more community groups and organisations.

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