Pwll Primary School Autism Childrens Minibus


The Project will make a huge difference to the pupils of Pwll Autism Teaching facility,as our facility is part of a main stream primary school. The Children’s ages range from 3-11 yrs with varying levels of autism that is supported by 10 staff members

Our goals:

  • To Promote inclusion where possible, assisting to promote many life skills
  • To Give our Autistic Children as many opportunities in the community as possible
  • To enable us to go on visits as a whole facility, teaching the children many skills as well as accessing specialist facilities in different settings such as sensory room
£25k project Currently ranked 1 in Health, Disability and Social Care

How we will achieve our goals

It would enable the children to to be able to access more activities in the local community teaching them valuable life skills and becoming more socially involved in the local community

Where the money will go

A large part of our school ethos is to promote inclusion within the community where possible. Many of our school trips /activities are with main stream pupils of similar ages. The new minibus would teach the children within the facility many life skills but also help main stream pupils in developing their understanding of additional learning need

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