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Purley Youth Project


The whole community as there is a definite lack of knowledge and safe use of computer technology locally. Some may be on a one to one basis with CV assistance hopefully leading to job opportunities by working with the local businesses. Initially we will work with the members of the youth club encouraging them to bring parents and grandparents.

Our goals:

  • Community wide understanding of the value offered through secure and safe use of basic computer programs and apps. Leading to life improvments and job opportunities
  • Allow and encourage families to gain expertise and understanding of the value offered by computers and then be able to assist each other with their future use of the available social media outlets facebook, twitter etc.
  • Encouage local businessess to train their staff more proactively by using the Youth Centre facilities, equipment also our trainers so that it is a win win for firms and staff for their joint growth and career development.
£5k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

The community award will act as sufficient seed money to set up courses, we can then advertise widely, produce a locally based web site offering a comprehensive look at what is on offer. Provide courses which provide for the needs of all members of the community regardless of age, sex or race. All members of the community will be involved.

Where the money will go

Thee are a number of local areas with financial , housing and emotional problems and we would be offering them an opportunity to work together with appropriate other services available if required as there is already a food hub with social which are already provided within the building. Offering family support which we wil tap into as necessary.

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