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The project is to build a sensory garden at the back of the house and a safely fenced area with sensory beds and counselling areas at the front. The charity offers short holidays for families in Devon and Cornwall who have suffered a suicide. These families will benefit from being able to sit and talk in the gardens which are currently unsuitable.

Our goals:

  • At the back of the house to provide an outdoor room with a green space and sensory planting for relaxation and counselling. This area will also have a storage shed for things like play equipment for families with children.
  • To build fences down one side and at the bottom of the large front garden where there are none. There is a 6ft drop to steps and the road at the bottom. Handrails are required by the steps. The fence will be planted to give additional screening.
  • Parts of the front garden will be landscaped to give seating areas where families can sit privately and also be used by therapists for discussion/listening/counselling. Sensory planting will enhance this.
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How we will achieve our goals

The charity offers a wide range of support. Providing this house as a holiday home near the sea, with various therapies as required, is one important area of work. The house has been renovated to provide a safe place to stay and therapy facilities. There has been no money to develop the ‘garden’ areas and this award will enable us to do this.

Where the money will go

The charity provides a wide range of services but the experience at the holiday home will be greatly enhanced by having relaxing sensory areas for families as part of their therapy. The back yard and unkempt front garden are unattractive and uninviting. The front garden will enhance the local area be more appealing to the community.

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