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Northern Steel Orchestra

(Tyne & Wear)

NSO want to deliver Arts Awards to its young players and leaders. Our staff will gain accreditation to deliver these nationally recognised qualifications, recognising achievement, personal development and leadership skills to our 40+ young people who often come from challenging backgrounds, thus benefiting their own local bands and communities.

Our goals:

  • Training of 6 staff as Arts Awards advisers - 2 Discover & Explore, 3 Bronze & Silver, 1 gold level. Link with a local Arts Award centre to establish access to the qualifications.
  • In house development of programmes for our Arts Awards candidates to follow. These will be focussed on the steelpan artform to maximise benefit to the organisation and players.
  • Delivery of programmes and moderation of candidates' portfolios. We aim to include approximately 10 Explore, 10 Bronze, 3 Silver and 3 Gold level candidates in our first year. New cohorts can be recruited and players can move on to higher levels
£5k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

A community award will enable us to develop these programmes whilst using our other resources to continue our education programme of tuition, rehearsal and performance opportunities for the best players from local steelbands in the region. This work offers progression routes to young players who can then continue to work towards leadership roles.

Where the money will go

Steelbands attract young people who can be difficult to reach to a creative and team-building environment. Their recent growth in the north east has led to people who might otherwise consider themselves unrepresented and without a voice being positively involved incommunities. It has also achieved national recognition in a new artform.

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