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Norfolk Hospice Patient and Carer Lunches


The Norfolk Hospice provides many different Day Therapies in our Hospice building at Hillington for both patients who have been diagnosed with a life-shortening illness and for their carers. We would like to extend this support and provide a sociable, weekly meal for them both, for which we require Community Awards funding.

Our goals:

  • Provide free meals for day patients and their carers
  • Reduce isolation among patients and carers by extending the day therapy sessions to include a sociable lunch
  • Make people who are going through a difficult time feel special.
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How we will achieve our goals

An individual meal costs in the region of £2 to £4 to provide. This means that with £5,000 we can serve approximately 1,800 meals at lunch time, over a period of 12 months, and particularly over the winter time when people tend to feel most isolated.

Where the money will go

The Hospice generally helps people who have been diagnosed with a life-shortening illness to live as well as possible and to live as full a life as they can in the time that they have left. This means that patients and their carers rely less on the NHS and also are happier and feel better supported.

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