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Nature Trail

(Tyne & Wear)

The project will see the development of a Nature Trail. The trail will encompass a mini beasts adventure, a worry, bird feeding stations and a bug hotel. The project will benefit families living in the area and encourage families to learn more about nature and ecological aspects of the world we live in as well as enjoying more time outdoors.

Our goals:

  • Create a Nature Trail facility that can be accessed by families living in our area. The space will encourage families to spend time outdoors.
  • By encouraging ecological development within the Nature Trail (such as bird feeding stations, a bug hotel and a wormery) we can also encourage local residents to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors, including the wellbeing and health aspects.
  • The longer term objective is to encourage a new generation of garden enthusiasts. By introducing the ecological world to children at an early age they will hopefully develop an awareness of the natural world and being outdoors.
£5k project Currently ranked in

How we will achieve our goals

The Community Award will enable the business to create and develop the space so that it can be used and sustained over the years. By introducing interesting features and points of interest within the space we can inspire young people to develop and interest in the natural world.

Where the money will go

The project will benefit the community by enabling local families and individuals to access a space which has an abundance of mini beasts and nesting birds. By creating an inspiring space with interesting features, families will be encouraged to explore this outdoor feature which, perhaps, they would not otherwise do.

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