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Mower replacement


to replace our old and worn out village bowling club lawnmower which would benefit all members including our 25 young juniors. my wife and myself coach the young ones and a good mower is essential to cut the grass really fine and short to enable the juniors to bowl without the green being heavy.

Our goals:

  • continuation of the club
  • keeping the young ones off the streets with a worthwhile hobby.
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How we will achieve our goals

we must get a new mower as the old one is done, so we have had a firm in to demonstrate a new John Deer mower. as we cant afford to buy one outright we are going to have to buy it on HP. the cost being £139 a month for 5 years which comes to £8340. a lot of money. so if we could pay this cash, we could probably get for nearer £5000

Where the money will go

we are one of the few clubs that are increasing their membership due to the number of young people we train and to keep the membership we have to have a decent green to play on and good mowers don’t come cheap.

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7 July 2016
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7 July 2016
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