Motion Control Dance - MCD

(South Glamorgan)

MCD mission statement aims to advance the education of people all ages, living in the Vale of Glamorgan and the surrounding areas, through the medium of dance. We work with young people and adults with disabilities, mental health issues, obesity problems, the older generation, ethnic groups as well as socially deprived members of the community.

Our goals:

  • To set up an inclusive youth dance company with able and disabled members of the community who are passionate about performing, who live in the Vale of Glamorgan aged between 16-30years. To engage them in physical activity and explore various topics.
  • To employ two professional freelance tutors who have experience in working with both able and disabled young people in weekly hour and a half rehearsal sessions to create pieces that tackle social issues that our participants decide upon.
  • To subsidise the hall hire costs for rehearsals for the inclusive youth dance company in preparation for various performances throughout the year at a variety of local community events providing entertainment and education for all audience members
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How we will achieve our goals

MCD would used the Community Award to allow our grassroots programme to grow a performance company for those who wish to pursue a career in dance. Participants would create dances that tackle issues that are relevant to them which will allow them to become inspirational leaders in the region and be invited to perform at local community events.

Where the money will go

This award will allow our project to set up a youth dance company that focuses upon creative and contemporary dance which will be unique to the region as there is not a group like it at the moment. It will break down barriers and broaden horizons as they learn new skills working together to create performances for the benefit of the community.

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