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Mighty Mountain Bike Fund


The project is to extend the track we built this year to provide additional track to support children who are less abled as well as fund bikes, storage, training and safety equipment. It will benefit the children who attend our school and children who use the wrap around care we provide all year round.

Our goals:

  • To create a bike track accessible for all abilities. To ensure those without bikes or safety equipment have the necessary equipment available to use. To be able to support those in learning how to ride a bike & basic bike maintenance.
  • To create a generation or more of children who know how to cycle safely. To support their social, emotional and physical wellbeing by enabling them to participate in sport. Sport can give new life to children, it can inspire them.
  • To be as environmentlly friendly as possible. To ensure we support children in keeping themselves healthy in the long term as well as short term.
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How we will achieve our goals

So far we have built the track, raised funds for some balance bikes for the younger children and maintained the track, however we still require funding to help us achieve the finished project. This would enable us to add additional track, be trained in the best way to support children learning to ride a bike and this would be beneficial for years.

Where the money will go

The bike track will be available to all children attending our school as well as children from all over the local area who attend the holiday club a, after school club and wrap around care. We use the awrd if successful to buy from local businesses.

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