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Maplefields holiday club


It is for the benefit of children with complex addition needs to have activities to do in the school holidays as these children cannot attend local authority clubs and groups nor can they attend disability groups due to their needs not fitting their criteria

Our goals:

  • For the children to have something to look forward to do
  • To provide respite for the child's family
  • To ensure that each of the children that attend has the chance to develope socially and emotionally.
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How we will achieve our goals

It would enable the activities to run for every child that wanted to attend rather than a few in the summer and Easter holidays.

Where the money will go

This children are the forgotten children who continuously get let down. This activity/club would build up their self esteem, their own perception of their self worth. It would increase their sibling relationships as they would be less strained, respite for the child and family is imperative. The children’s social skills will develop.

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