Lympsham Pre-School Outdoor Learning and Disabled Access


Lympsham Pre-School wants to replace its rotten disabled access ramp so that everyone has safe access to the setting. They also want to add some all weather surfacing to the garden so that the children can play outside all year round. There are 120 children registered to attend either Early Years, Breakfast, After School and Holiday Club.

Our goals:

  • To remove the old disabled access ramp and replace it with a new one. This would provide safe and easy access to the setting for all users and would allow the setting to maintain it's commitment to be inclusive to all families.
  • To provide an area of all weather surfacing in the garden to enable the children to have access to outside play and learning all through the year, whatever the weather. This would enable the children to use ride on toys such as trikes and scooters.
  • An all weather surface would allow the children more time outside and provide more opportunities to play sport and be physically active. This would facilitate the goal to make active play and learning a priority to improve the health of the children.
£10k project Currently ranked 1 in Community Groups

How we will achieve our goals

The project would be achieved by getting the work completed before next winter. Several quotes have been obtained for the work and a local builder would be contracted to do the work. The money from this award would allow us to undertake this project in full and allow the objectives to be met before this winter.

Where the money will go

Lympsham Pre-School offers an important service in a rural community and the vast majority of local children will attend at least one of the services. The project will enable all users safe access with a new ramp. The all weather surface will allow children to spend more time outside learning and being more physically active and playing sport.

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