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Local Parkinson's Exercise Group


The branch holds exercise classes to help with movement of people suffering from Parkinson’s and their carers. The branch also holds a monthly meeting for members at which a speech therapist comes to help with speaking for Parkinson sufferers. At the monthly meeting, specialists are invited to provide information and assistance to members

Our goals:

  • It is well known that Parkinson sufferers have difficulty with movement and it has become apparent that exercise classes and singing assists with these disabilities. The project is geared towards assistance with both disabilities to maximise benefit
  • Each year the branch donates any extra cash collected/received towards selective research projects in the hope that this will result in a permanent cure as soon as possible
  • In addition to helping members with their movement and speech, it gives the members an opportunity to meet other people with similar disability. They can therefore help each other when possible but it also gives members and carers time to socialise
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How we will achieve our goals

The committee running the projects works on a voluntary basis but funding is needed to pay for hall hire and specialists to conduct the classes. Whilst the branch collects funds, there is always a need to obtain donations to ensure that the classes can be subsidised to maximise the number of people benefitting from the classes and meetings

Where the money will go

It will improve mobility for people with Parkinson,s as the movements in exercise and dancing helps a lot.

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22 October 2015
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Local Parkinson's Exercise Group

22 October 2015

Keep it up thank you all for your support. I am aware that some members of this Group are unable to…

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