Link Nurseries social and Horticultural therapy centre


The Link social and horticultural therapy centre currently provides support for people with long term mental health conditions, there is a need to extend the current offering to include People in recovery from less severe mental health issues.: Those recovering from stroke, heart attack and other Long Term Conditions.

Our goals:

  • A sensory garden will benefit a significant number of the general public (including disabled) by extending a well being gardening club offer to a wider community client base.
  • The provision of a reflective area within a quiet garden space will benefit people requiring greater 'headspace' and a quiet area to enjoy.
  • The provision of an extended seating area for the development of a wellbeing garden club will enhance the development of positive relationships amongst an extended community base.
£10k project Currently ranked 1 in Health, Disability and Social Care

How we will achieve our goals

In order to develop the four discreet aspects of the project, and to offer the link facility to a wider community base, the Community Award would accelerate the development of a wider public offering. Current fundraising would delay the completion of this community project by two years at least so it would be a huge help if we were successful in winning a Community Award!

Where the money will go

The link nurseries social and horticultural therapy centre has evolved from the closure and withdrawal of funding from the previous operators (community NHS trust). The link has continued to support people with long term mental health conditions and is developing a much wider community project.

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