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Learning to lipread

(West Sussex)

Maggie Short, lip reading tutor, member of ATLA, heads tuition classes to many groups in the areas noted, with lip reading skills and recognition, particularly to elderly pensioners with extreme hearing loss. This support to people with a common disability also serves a social benefit to people who are often very lonely because of extreme deafness.

Our goals:

  • To reduce the isolation of Deaf, deafened and Hard of Hearing people, and enable them to manage their hearing loss in a hearing world.
  • To enable people with hearing loss to maintain their health and wellbeing, remain involved in their local community and be open to learning new skills despite their disability.
  • To learn to laugh again, develop a positive attitude and realise that life can still be worth living despite having hearing loss.
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How we will achieve our goals

Weekly sessions will be run where Deaf, deafened and Hard of Hearing people will learn the Theory of Lipreading and Coping and Communication Tactics to help them manage their deafness in a hearing world. It helps people regain lost confidence and improve self-esteem which are very predominant with this disability.

Where the money will go

The project will support those people living with hearing loss and gain the benefit of being with people who are having the same day-to-day difficulties. We’ll focus on developing tactics to help them achieve the everyday tasks such as going to the bank, doctor’s appointments, work meetings, shopping etc. – that hearing people take in their stride.

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  1. Posted on August 12, 2017

    Having had first hand experience in attending the classes, I have and can see the benefit that everyone will gain in making the effort to attend classes.

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