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Knockbreda Primary School Sensory room


I wish to create a safe and stimulating environment for children with SEN. A place where they can go to relax and have time to themselves when the running of the classroom gets too much. We have two units within the school and I feel that a sensory room would enrich and improve the quality of life for each of these children.

Our goals:

  • To create an interactive multi sensory room
  • To provide a safe environment for all children with varying needs and abilities
  • To pay for safe installation of all products
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How we will achieve our goals

I could buy large pieces of seating and multi sensory equipment needed to create an interactive sensory room in a safe and secure environment.

Where the money will go

The children would have an opportunity to get away from the stress that the classroom can be to children with SEN to a place where they can relax and be stimulated in an alternative way. It would be beneficial to both children and their parents in addition to teachers and classroom assistants.

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