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Currently ranked 12 in Lifelong Learning
Currently ranked 12 in Lifelong Learning
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Voting closes: 6th September 2017

Inclusion and Progression in the Inner City


NPCL is a local not for profit organisation that provides learning opportunities for local people. They will support 3 main groups, juniors, over 18’s and Silver Surfers offering careers guidance, Work Club, social skills enhancement through a ‘Tea and Toast’ group and digital help for the over 60’s. All will be helped to reach their goals.

Our goals:

  • Juniors- Career Guidance from an early age. A computerised tool is needed to introduce the young people to the world of work, helping to raise their long term aspirations and break the habits that have been formed in the area of deprivation they live
  • 'Tea and Toast' An informal session once a week to encourage people to socialise, find out about the courses and groups on offer and take part. Aimed at those suffering from isolation through ill health or being a family carer, a young mum/dad
  • Silver Surfers A dedicated session for over 60's to come and learn to use a computer with their peers, rather than being intimidated by younger people working at a much faster pace. Everyone needs to feel at ease with computers in this day and age.

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Voting closes: 6th September 2017

£10k project Currently ranked 12 in Lifelong Learning

How we will achieve our goals

NPCL is a not for profit organisation and is struggling to get the help needed to continue their good work in the community. This award would give us the opportunity to continue their good work!

Where the money will go

This project covers all ages within the community so many members of the same family can access the help they need whether it be socialising/ playing, job hunting or learning new skills. This also gives the community a meeting place helping people to make friends as well as learn new skills. This is just the starting block for these people.

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