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Icare Day Centre Trust


Icare Day Centre Trust is a small, friendly day centre offering rehabilitation and support for over 80 people who have suffered a stroke and offers support and respite for their carers. They are given refreshments and lunch and activities such as speech therapy, balance and coordination exercises, and other enjoyable activities.

Our goals:

  • By refurbishing and modernising the kitchen, Icare will be able to continue to offer refreshments and nutritious lunches to our clients.
  • By refurbishing and modernising the kitchen, Icare will continue to follow all the health and safety requirements needed to supply our clients with refreshments and nutritious lunches.
  • By refurbishing and modernising the kitchen, the staff of Icare will be able to carry out their roles more effectively, efficiently and hygienically.
£5k project Currently ranked 14 in Health, Disability and Social Care

How we will achieve our goals

It would allow Icare Day Centre Trust to refurbish fully the kitchen in a timely manner, enhancing services to our clients.

Where the money will go

Icare Day Centre Trust is a very important part of the community of the London Borough of Bromley. It provides a welcoming environment to clients who have suffered a stroke, some of whom are severely disabled and wheelchair-bound. We can accommodate all their care needs for their day at Icare. It is often the highlight of our clients’ week.

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  1. Posted on August 11, 2017

    Good luck i-care you are doing a wonderful job for stroke sufferers and your staff go above their remit to look after the stroke patients.thank you

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