Hove Park School Outdoor Gym

(East Sussex)

The funding will enable the installation of an Outdoor Gym and Street Workout Rig (like an older kids climbing frame) at Hove Park Lower School for the use of the pupils both during PE lessons and in their breaks all year round.

Our goals:

  • Improved school facilities for use in PE lessons - funding cuts over the years have left Hove Park School with ageing facilities which are disgraceful for a school of its size.
  • Active break times for more students at Hove Park School, giving them something healthy and active to do with friends.
  • Helping to reinforce the pride that every child deserves to have in their school
£25k project Currently ranked 1 in Active Living

How we will achieve our goals

The money would be used to purchase and install an Outdoor Gym and Workout Rig which will last for years to come.

Where the money will go

All the students at Hove Park come from the surrounding areas and the project will promote fitness, encourage excercise and bolster pride in a school where investment in sporting facilities has been woefully neglected in this time of austerity.

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