Holy Trinity Church Hall Renovation


Refurbishment of church hall for the benefit of community groups and church groups,and to benefit church by generating more revenue from increased lettings of a modernised facility

Our goals:

  • To upgrade a facility originally built in 1930 in order to widen appeal to local community groups and individuals
  • To strengthen ties between church and local community by offering a modern well-equipped meeting place
  • To add to accessibility following recent completion of disabled access to churchyard and to hall
£10k project Currently ranked 1 in Community Groups

How we will achieve our goals

We could complete this work with a Community Award,though it is our intention to do some fund-raising ourselves as well.

Where the money will go

Create better environment for all existing community user groups;encourage new groups to use the facility-particularly now we have created disabled access to churchyard and hall;demonstrate the church commitment to local community involvement

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