Holistic Cancer Support

(West Glamorgan)

Being diagnosed with cancer is tough. Hands on support makes a world of difference. Here’s how: Massage unknots tight muscles caused by stress & surgery. Reflexology relaxes, calms and is great during chemo/radiotherapy. Reiki is gentle when someone feels awful. We’ll set up this support for people affected by cancer in Port Talbot 1 day a week

Our goals:

  • Provide comfort and relief from stress and the physical symptoms that are a consequence of cancer and also provide comfort and stress relief to those caring for someone with cancer or who are bereaved.
  • Provide a space where local people facing similar problems can come together and support each other by talking, eating and laughing together.
  • Involve local volunteers in the project to offer holistic therapies or take part in activities where they can use their experience to help others.
£5k project Currently ranked 1 in Community Groups

How we will achieve our goals

It would allow us to hire a suitable venue to provide 1:1 and group holistic therapies and a space to share food & information. It would fund a specialist worker to ensure a safe, appropriate and smooth running environment. We could buy the equipment necessary to offer various holistic therapies e.g. massage couches, chairs, towels & oils.

Where the money will go

People will be able to access support locally. They’ll not have to travel far when feeling unwell or are busy looking after a loved one. Holistic support helps people feel less anxious and more empowered to deal with their situation. They are less isolated and it builds confidence to take part in activities they might not otherwise have done.

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