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The Haven project will provide a caring intervention service for highly vulnerable women who, as a result of Domestic Abuse, and other issues have had their children removed into the care system. Whilst providing specialist interventions/ support the project is concerned with the prevention of further deterioration in their personal circumstances.

Our goals:

  • To provide support to highly vulnerable women promoting positive mental health
  • To provide both a safe environment and activities where women are encouraged to avoid the use of drugs, alcohol of substances as a means of blocking out difficult family circumstances
  • To promote a rehabilitative/support programme that it is hoped will lead to families being reunited where children have been placed into the care system
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How we will achieve our goals

Women we work with who have had children removed report late afternoon/early evening as the most difficult time of day, when they are used to the children coming home from school, making tea etc. We need to provide alternative activities that focus on helping them make the necessary improvements rather than locking themselves away and getting drunk

Where the money will go

The project will benefit the community by providing support for those in greatest need; by preventing addiction and abuse; by helping beneficiaries to respond to the directions of Social services and improving their parenting skills so children can be returned to them. Ultimately this project reduces the costly demand on local statutory services.

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  1. Posted on August 20, 2017

    Wonderful organisation providing fantastic support to vulnerable families.

  2. Posted on August 23, 2017

    Thank you for your lovely comment – please continue to spread the word!

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